New Zealand Titles

A quick route to the New Zealand titles we have read:

     blingsight into-the-river-ted-dawe     as-the-earth-turns-silver Book Book NZ River godwits fly Infinite Air imgres-2 Wake 21256279 Villa At The Edge of the Empire Back Of His Head Maori Boy Chappy Maurice Gee biography In A Fishbone Church coming-rain Invisible Mile genesis owls-do-cry harp in the south cv_sydney_bridge_upside_down Holy Days under the mountain The Luminaries Angel's cut II parihaka woman 99 ways into NZ poetry Rangatira_web Sons for the return home Bliss In a German Pension - medium wheer we once belonged novel about my wife 10pm question Oooooo...!!! vintners-luck sound of butterflies whale rider Mister_Pip_(Lloyd_Jones_novel) New Zealand book which won the Man Booker Prize in 1986. It is an unusual love story, depicting a utopian unity between Maori and Western culture in New Zealand.

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