Love As A Stranger – Owen Marshall


Middle-aged strangers meet in a graveyard and begin an affair which soon turns into an obsession.

◉ “I loved this book from the very first sentence. The deceptively simple storyline was strung out at such a perfect pace, the slow reveals were done so well and it was just a great read. The sense of foreboding was there early on in the book and I loved it. My one quibble…. one of the characters was in Auckland (from Hamilton) for medical treatment. Would this really be necessary?? Waikato is a tertiary hospital and should be able to do all of this treatment. Hmmm, evidently I’m a health nerd. Anyway, fantastic book and would definitely recommend.” – Suzy

◉ “Love As A Stranger is about just that. Strangers who meet and begin an affair. And really, that just about sums it all up. It’s not a complicated plot. But there is so much more to it. It is a moody, suspenseful book with a simmering dread underlying it. Everything is perfectly explained and described viscously as if the author is actually a character in the book describing everything he sees. I hated to put this book down, as if the characters’ lives would continue on without me. My only disappointment was the urgency of the ending. I expected more earlier on. But that’s just me and it wouldn’t stop me recommending this fantastically written novel.” – Rachel

Published 2016
Penguin Random House
286 pages

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