Maurice Gee: Life & Work – Rachel Barrowman

Maurice Gee biography


Ten years in the writing, this biography sets out to reveal all the secrets of literary great Maurice Gee.

➤ “I have read a lot of Maurice Gee’s work so was itching to read my autographed (yes, by the man himself) copy of his biography. It’s a big book and dense with information yet it’s never clunky or overwhelming. Rather, it takes us to the real man, from his childhood observations to the joy and tribulations of raising a family, to the small steps that lead to the giant leap in his literary career.

“I like nothing better than understanding the inspirations for my favourite books, so the detailed links between those childhood experiences and his thematic construction lit me up with glee. Once I started this book I carried it with me everywhere I went and finished it in three days.

“An emphasis of the book is that Gee is a private man, and that makes this biography even more important – that Barrowman was able to glean this information is one thing, but that she could provide an honest portrayal of a life lived, in a sensitive and courteous manner, is another and something to be respected.

“If you’ve read any of Gee’s work and valued it, I’d recommend this book be added to your TBR pile.” – Rachel


Published 2015
Victoria University Press
543 pages

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