The Vintner’s Luck – Elizabeth Knox

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Chosen by Nadine

The unorthodox story of a French winemaker and his homosexual love affair with an angel. 

❚ “This is not just a phenomenal love story, it is a beautiful work of art, totally outside of the square and completely riveting. Despite it’s far-fetched plot, it is believable and magical in every way. It’s the kind of book where you have to stop mid paragraph to declare ‘OMG that was a beautiful sentence.’

“The contrast of Knox’s imaginary heaven and hell vs the characters’ reality adds another level of beauty to the novel. And Xas is the perfect guide through all of these lands – I have been in love with Xas ever since my first reading and know this book will stay with me forever. What’s more, it was the book that Suzy and I formed our friendship over :)” – Rachel

❚ “Whenever this book has come up in a random conversation and someone has said “what is it about” I have never been able to completely do it justice.  “A beautiful love story where a gay angel meets married French winemaker”? It is most definitely an utterly gorgeous and evocative book.  At the time I was first reading this book I met Rach – she said it was one of her all time favourites and I knew then we’d be BFFs 4evs. (Rach I’m sorry that I wrote BFFs 4evs in a paragraph about The Vintner’s Luck).” – Suzy

Published 1998
Victoria University Press
256 pages

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