A Villa At The Edge Of The Empire – Fiona Farrell

Villa At The Edge of the EmpireREAD FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS

A book which examines the evolution of cities and of Christchurch in particular after its destructive earthquakes.

➤ “Prior to reading I thought this would be an important book to Cantabrians, but now I see this is a book relevant to all. Yes it does detail Christchurch’s history, it’s pre and post earthquake status, how and why the city was mapped out and the consequences of that decision making. But it also examines the stories of other cities around the world that have seen disaster and destruction and puts our broken city up there in comparison and in reverence as it rebuilds.

“But there’s more to it than the nuts and bolts of the facts. Farrell not only details her own personal journey through the Christchurch earthquakes but addresses the collective story of Canterbrians and, yes that can sometimes seem over-political, but who am I to say that was not the consensus of the people at the time.

“The book also reports on social aspects that affect a city after destruction. As she says, ‘an earthquake is not simply a geological event. It occurs within a specific social and political context.’ And she’s right. When something happens is of consequence to the aftermath. Who’s in Government does have an effect. There is much to ponder.

“A fantastic book for those who want to consider more than what they see in media coverage of disaster events.” – Rachel

Published 2015
326 pages

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