The 10pm Question – Kate de Goldi

10pm questionREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Nadine

Frankie Parsons worries about many things and develops the habit of posing a serious question to his mother at 10pm every night

❚ “Frankie Parsons is a clever 12-year-old with a quirky family, and a voice of anxiety constantly chatting away to him. He worries about everything: are the smoke alarm batteries flat? Has the cat given them all worms? Only Ma, who never leaves home, takes Frankie’s concerns seriously.

“A new girl arrives at school and captures Frankie’s attention. She is a free spirit with questions of her own, which leads him to a painful realisation an the ultimate 10 p.m. question.

“This YA novel is set in New Zealand.”

He was a funny guy, and a smart one- and the smartest thing about him, in Frankie’s view, was that he never, ever, ever worried.

❚ “My daughter has read this book too. What a lovely read! We loved the characters in this book and the way it made us feel both happy and sad. Very real.” – Nadine

❚ “I enjoyed this book especially for the actual 10pm question and how the mum was always able to soothe her son’s anxieties despite having fairly substantial issues herself.  A wonderful heart warming book.” – Jo

❚ “One of the best youth novels I’ve read. Tackles traditional child anxieties in a unique way. I was drawn to Frankie, perhaps just in a motherly way – whatever the case, great book.” – Rachel

❚ “I truly judge approximately monthly whether or not my children are old enough yet for this book.  It is written with so much empathy and humour and I can’t wait to have a mini bookclub with my 2 kids and discuss all of the loveliness. This book was the inspiration for me harassing, whoops I mean kindly entertaining, Rach every night with a 10pm question text.  Sorry for this Rach and quite frankly sorry Kate de Goldi.” – Suzy

*Long live the 10pm question, Suzy. The highlight of my evening!* -R

Published 2011
252 pages

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