Blindsight – Maurice Gee

Chosen by Jo

The lives of Alice Ferry, a retired Wellington scientist, and her brother Gordon take divergent paths.

◉ “Gee gradually unravels this story building the tension effortlessly as we learn about the siblings’ history, start to understand the nature of Gordon’s condition and in the final shocking twist how he came to be that way. What I found really surprising was the empathy I felt for Alice who upon reflection is utterly horrible! Gee made me like her! This book is completely engrossing and I raced through it. Well worth the read.” – Jo

◉ “The lives of two once-close siblings veer apart unexpectedly. Sounds simple enough, and it reads easily enough, but there is a complexity of character strength in this novel that makes it one of Gee’s best, imho. The observations of family life are astute and compelling. Alice is the kind of character you wish every book had, seemingly innocent and honest, intelligent and kind, but with a veil of secrecy about her that draws you in. What’s more the expertly revealed plot keeps you engaged until the last word. What’s not to love?” – Rachel

Published 2005
248 pages

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