Novel About My Wife – Emily Perkins

novel about my wifeREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Jo

The lives of a London couple unravel after the wife survives a train derailment and notices a man following her. 

☁ “The tension builds slowly in this well-written, thought-provoking novel.  Can we really rely on our narrator?  There are many gaps and questions left unanswered in this book which adds to the mysterious allure for me.  The worsening mental stability of Ann tightens the tension even more and the unexplained ending had me pondering for days – proof to me of a good book!” – Jo

☁ “The story of an unhappy man and his even unhappier wife – dismal but beautiful. Cleverly written and full of simple detail, it is a pleasure to read and evoked a lot of character sympathy. Few twists and turns along the way, too.” – Rachel

☁ “Uncomfortable was how I felt when reading this book.  Some characters’ behaviours I found yuckily relatable.  Pulls you into the story beautifully and despite reading it years ago I can still easily conjure up many mental images from the pages.  Emily Perkins you are a treasure and FYI I miss The Good Word a lot.” – Suzy

Published 2008
288 pages

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