Under The Mountain – Maurice Gee

under the mountainREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Suzy

Rachel and Theo Matheson travel beneath Auckland’s extinct volcanoes to prevent the destruction of the world

✎ “While vacationing with relatives in Auckland, red-head twins Theo and Rachel discover that they are endowed with special powers to oppose mysterious giant creatures that live beneath the city’s volcanoes and are determined to destroy the world.

“But to do so the twins must follow through with some decisions that are against their nature. Rachel is particular is disturbed by her role and hopes to find an alternative to eliminating the evil shape-shifting Wilberforces, such as reasoning with them But their ability to change from humans into giant slugs overwhelms them.

“Written in 1979, the story was made into a televised series in 1981 and as such many New Zealanders of this age bracket cannot look at Auckland’s prominent extinct volcanoes without thinking about world-destroying slugs!”

✎ “One of the best children’s books ever. The joy of such recognisable landmarks when I read this as a child was just as strong when I read this as an adult.  Lake Pupuke was never the same to me after this book.  Wonderfully paced with just the right amount of terror.  A must read for all red-heads, you are powerful beings you know!” – Suzy

✎ “There are many moralistic considerations to glean from this story, one of the reasons why it is a fantastic book choice for readers of all ages. And of course the adventurous, humanity saving story line is another!” – Rachel

Published 1987
Oxford University Press, USA
164 pages

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