Oooooo…!!! – Hone Tuwhare


Chosen by Rachel

A collection of Hone Tuwhare’s poetry

This book has been collated from a large collection of Maori poet Hone Tuwhare’s writing, discovered sprawled over countless pieces of paper, envelopes, bank statements and the backs of shopping lists.

“It provides an insight into Tuwhare’s mind, as he looks out upon all the things that he loves and has loved, and upon 82 years of life with brutal honesty.”

I feel like a vulnerable
pa-site, sacked, by
an unforgiving enemy
force & razed to a level
unbecoming, to a warrior-force,
but – freed at last,
to accept – with humility –
the earth-smelling pungency
of that Grand Dame – mother,
of us all: Papa-tū-ā -Nuku:
our Earth-mum.

❚ “Traditionally I haven’t been a huge poetry fan, only from a lack of understanding on my behalf, not because I don’t value it. But every piece in Tuwhare’s book affected me and it has made me re-think the lack of poetry in my reading pile.” – Rachel

❚ “I don’t usually read poetry but I enjoyed this. It made me smile. Raw, honest and a wee bit naughty!!!” – Nadine

❚ “Hone Tuwhare, I ❤ you so much.  Beautiful poetry.  Yes okay I felt like maybe I got more insight into haemorrhoids than what I was expecting, but it is what it is. One the best parts of this bookclub was how authentically everyone said the title when referring to the book.” – Suzy

❚ “I’m not a poetry reader normally but I loved Hone’s poems – they were clever, interesting and thought provoking. I especially enjoyed reading about unexpected topics, e.g. Haemorrhoids!” – Jo

Published 2005
Steele, Roberts & Assoc
96 pages

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