Genesis – Bernard Beckett


Chosen by Becks

Anax sits an exam for admittance to The Academy, the governing body of her dystopian society, only to learn things are not what they seem

➤ “This book was pleasantly easy to read with a surprise ending I didn’t see coming, although in hindsight there were clues scattered throughout.  The philosophical themes provided long lasting thought provoking stimulation, I especially loved the discussions between Art and Adam over what constituted thought. A quick read and thoroughly enjoyable story.” – Jo

➤ “What a fantastic way to introduce dystopia, Kafka and shock endings to a YA audience! This is an interesting way to present the setting and plot – discussions between an examiner and an Academy hopeful make up the entire book – and the alternative reality is well thought-out. My only criticism is that I didn’t feel Anaximader had her own voice, rather it seemed like an all-knowing narrator telling us the story, not a young woman in search of greatness. But overall, well worth reading.” – Rachel


Published 2006
Longacre Press
144 pages

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