Angel’s Cut – Elizabeth Knox


Chosen by Suzy

The sequel to The Vintner’s Luck in which the angel Xas settles in Hollywood 1929 and becomes involved in the seductive movie industry.

© “In the sequel to The Vintner’s Luck, it’s 1929 and angel Xas is living in Hollywood.

“Movie director Conrad Cole is working late on elaborate plans for his aeroplanes and his films, when Xas, a mysterious stranger appears at his door.

“The angel ends up involved in the glamorous and treacherous world of movie-making and entangled with both Cole and a young woman who owes her life to the eccentric director. Both of them are drawn to Xas without knowing his secret – that under his shirt he hides the remnants of great snowy wings that set him apart from humankind, and that he is destined to wander the earth forever, always hearing the beating of feathers behind him, threatening him that his dark brother has found him again.

He said, ‘Sooner or later one of Them is going to try to explain Himself to me. God—or Lucifer. But though there may be a reason why my wings were cut off, a reason for doing it, and for letting it be done, the reason is nothing compared to the act. The world of the act is a different one from the world of the reason.

© “I was bewildered by this book after the beautiful setting of The Vintner’s Luck, which was soothing, solid and earthy. Once I settled into the new airy rhythm of The Angel’s Cut I felt privileged to be gaining more insight into Xas’s adventures. I am absolutely delighted to know there is going to be a 3rd installment!” – Suzy

© “After reading The Vintner’s Luck so many times and continually wondering where Xas would go from there, I was super excited to hear about the publication of The Angel’s Cut. A huge deviation in location from the first book, but it needed to be, I think, and of course Elizabeth Knox has done the timing, the setting and the characters justice. I loved re-connecting with Xas and adored the book. Though of course, no sequel could ever rival The Vintner’s Luck!” – Rachel


Published 2009
Victoria University Press
464 pages

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