Angel’s Cut – Elizabeth Knox


Chosen by Suzy

The sequel to The Vintner’s Luck in which the angel Xas settles in Hollywood 1929 and becomes involved in the seductive movie industry.

© “I was bewildered by this book after the beautiful setting of The Vintner’s Luck, which was soothing, solid and earthy.  Once I settled into the new airy rhythm of The Angel’s Cut I felt privileged to be gaining more insight into Xas’s adventures. I am absolutely delighted to know there is going to be a 3rd installment!” – Suzy

© “After reading The Vintner’s Luck so many times and continually wondering where Xas would go from there, I was super excited to hear about the publication of The Angel’s Cut. A huge deviation in location from the first book, but it needed to be, I think, and of course Elizabeth Knox has done the timing, the setting and the characters justice. I loved re-connecting with Xas and adored the book. Though of course, no sequel could ever rival The Vintner’s Luck!” – Rachel


Published 2009
Victoria University Press
464 pages

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