About us

Founded in 2007 by Rachel & Suzy, The Free Range Bookclub began as an escape for new mums striving to upkeep intelligent conversation.

Though we were more than happy to talk literature with just the two of us, we did manage to enlist an additional member Nadine, solicited at the hairdressers no less – well done Suzy!

The first book on our schedule was Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre and with a little help from Google, we discussed the book’s construction, ideas and social impact long into the night.

And our nerdy bookclub was established!

We read a wide scope of work, including newly published novels from a variety of countries and cultures, re-reads of classics we already adore, occasional poetry and non-fiction, as well enlightening discoveries of titles previously unknown to us.

Some members also undertake the Man Booker shortlist and the NZ Book Awards shortlist each year. These both involve reading the shortlisted books in the weeks the judges have, meeting to discuss each contender and attempting to pick the winner before it’s announced. Sometimes we’re successful, sometimes not!

We’ve had a few changes of members but the ethos remains the same: literature-based evenings, nibbles, wine and great company. Our current bookclub members are Rachel, Jo, Becks & Jodie. And Suzy still Bookerthons from afar!

We hope you enjoy looking over our interpretations of books old and new. We are not English masters, just lovers of fiction and our views on each month’s choice are rarely the same, but we enjoy the diversity this brings to our bookclub conversations.

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