The Sound of Butterflies – Rachael King

sound of butterfliesREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Rachel

Young lepidopterist Thomas Edgar arrives home from a collecting expedition in the Amazon in an emaciated state and unable to speak.

♥ “A sensory book in which every person, action and location is well captured. A fascinating setting and exciting string of events, and as such I learnt a lot while being completely entertained.” – Rachel

♥ “Ever since a slightly terrifying book read at school as an 8 year old I have been slightly edgy around moths and even butterflies.  The story ended with thousands of evil moths beating their wings against a door trying to reach the person inside.  My kid overactive imagination (not improved by adulthood actually) went a step further – *obviously* the the moths beat down the door and ate the person.  THIS BOOK BY RACHAEL KING DID NOT HELP.  But all is forgiven as this is a beautiful book.  I was there alongside the characters, feeling exhilarated and sweaty in the jungle and also then repressed and sad in the stuffiness of England. A great read.” – Suzy

♥ “Thoughts” – Nadine

Published 2008
386 pages

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