Coming Rain – Stephen Daisley


Two lone companions take work shearing for a large farm, where the younger of them, Lew, falls in love with the farmer’s daughter, Clara.

➤ “My initial thoughts of Coming Rain were that it reminded me of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice & Men. Two loners, one a father figure to the other, wandering the land, taking odd jobs for landholders, with the younger fellow falling in love with someone he shouldn’t.”

“But it didn’t take long for my thoughts to be overwhelmed with Coming Rain as its own entity. The economical, pared back writing style manages to reflect the simplicity of the character’s lives, but still details so much in a minimum amount of words. The sparse Australian outback is etched firmly in my mind and the thoughts and needs of Lew and Painter easily comprehendible. A parallel story of a dingo bitch, pregnant and starving, is the perfect companion for their story, mimicking the desperation in their lives and the hope for something better.

“I absolutely loved this story – hauntingly beautiful and memorable. It really throws you in boots and all. This is not a book where you hang about on the periphery observing, this a story that throws you in the midst of it so you can experience it with full impact. One I will recommend to all.” – Rachel

➤ “I became completely immersed in Coming Rain by Stephen Daisley. An absolutely ripping read which absorbed me while reading and also in between reading while I thought about the characters and their possible pathways. I have never been to Australia, let alone the outback but I feel like I have gained an insight into its rhythms and landscape after finishing this novel.

“In the character of Lew, the author perfectly captured that time in life where you are not-quite-grown-up but having to make grown-up decisions regardless. I also have a new found respect for dingoes!” – Suzy

Published 2015
Text Publishing
280 pages

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