2016 NZ Book Awards

NZ 2016 FictionThere was a lot reading that could have been done this year, a lot of reading we wanted to do, but alas, there isn’t time for everything!

So, we read what we could and that included the fiction section and a few of the non-fiction. Here are our mental wanderings:

➤ “Of the four fiction shortlisters my favourite read was Coming Rain by Stephen Daisley. I was able to completely immerse myself in the storylines and the beautiful language created vivid scenes that activated all the senses. Do I think this novel will necessarily win…?

“I enjoyed all of the books on the shortlist however it seems the most hype surrounds The Invisible Mile – therefore I think David Coventry will take it out by a bike length.” – Suzy

NZ 2016 Non-Ficton➤ “A varied shortlist, where each contender has a unique feature. Chappy is very much a NZ book, The Invisible Mile a Kiwis-take-on-the-world story, Coming Rain is the most sensory, while The Back Of His Head was the cleverest (in my humble opinion).

“I did enjoy them all but Coming Rain struck something in me that the others didn’t so I’m pinning my hopes on Daisley.

“As for the non-fiction section, I didn’t make it to all four contenders so my comments are perhaps irrelevant but, hey, that hasn’t stopped me before! So I have to say Maurice Gee’s biography impressed me immensely so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Barrowman.”– Rachel

Best book 1st-4th: Rachel:
Coming Rain
The Back Of His Head
The Invisible Mile

Best book 1st-4th: Suzy:
Coming Rain
The Back Of His Head
The Invisible Mile

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