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2023: Escape From Reality

Looking for an escape from reality is a primary reason why many people read: to forget the worries of the world, the stresses of work, the demands of family and to take a moment to indulge in a fantastical world that stretches and opens… Continue Reading “2023: Escape From Reality”

Potiki – Patricia Grace

Chosen by Suzy Potiki tells the story of land developers who have their eye on coastal Māori land for commercial development with no understanding of the community’s needs or of their strong connection to the land. The multi-narrator tale details the growing concerns of… Continue Reading “Potiki – Patricia Grace”

The Dictionary of Lost Words – Pip Williams

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jodie ❝ Esme Nicholl is the daughter of a lexiographer, raised in the Scriptorium where the first dictionary is collated. She hides beneath the table and collects slips of paper containing words that are lost or deemed unsuitable. As… Continue Reading “The Dictionary of Lost Words – Pip Williams”

Bookerthon – 2022

❝ The announcement of the long list was an impressive start to the 2022 Booker season. Strong contenders from around the world covered off important real life events or offered evocative interpretations of them. We had already read some of the books and were… Continue Reading “Bookerthon – 2022”

The Seven Moons of Maali Ameida

READ FOR BOOKERTHON ❝ I was reading The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida while struggling night after night with very little sleep – awake for hours at a time in the early hours of the morning while endeavouring to get through a book about a soul caught… Continue Reading “The Seven Moons of Maali Ameida”

Treacle Walker – Alan Garner

READ FOR BOOKERTHON ❝ I will admit that I struggled to understand the meaning or plot of Treacle Walker. It is a novella with very few words, some of which are old-fashioned, nonsense, rhyme and riddles, only a few characters and a fragile plot.… Continue Reading “Treacle Walker – Alan Garner”

Oh William! – Elizabeth Strout

READ FOR BOOKERTHON ❝ Oh, William! is a story about Lucy Barton’s relationships, especially her time with her ex-husband William. While they are no longer together as a couple they still see each other regularly and often reflect on their shared experiences.  The triumph of… Continue Reading “Oh William! – Elizabeth Strout”

The Trees – Percival Everett

READ FOR BOOKERTHON ❝ The Trees is set in Money, Mississippi and is full of characters with names like Junior Junior, Hot Mama Yeller and Reverend Fondle. The white folk of the town suddenly start turning up dead, savagely beaten and with a black… Continue Reading “The Trees – Percival Everett”

Small Things Like These – Claire Keegan

READ FOR BOOKERTHON ❝ As I got underway with Small Things Like These the size and simplicity almost lulled me into feeling like this was going to be a book of little consequence. How wrong I was. We gently follow the thoughtful day-to-day musings of Bill… Continue Reading “Small Things Like These – Claire Keegan”

Glory – NoViolet Bulawayo

READ FOR BOOKERTHON ❝ Glory is an Orwellian retelling of the coup that overthrew Mugabe. All the characters are anthropomorphised animals, with the Old Horse’s character modelled on Mugabe, his wife a donkey, and all other characters various creatures in heels, in queues for… Continue Reading “Glory – NoViolet Bulawayo”