How To Be Both – Ali Smith

How to be both jacketREAD FOR BOOKERTHON

Written in two parts, both titled ONE, this is a book about art’s versatility, told by a renaissance painter of the 1460s and a child of the 1960s.

✎ “Written in poetry-like prose we discover the two main characters are inexplicably linked and everything comes together at the end. It is very much a product of Smith’s usual cleverness and writing prowess but it does require effort to not miss anything. I certainly did miss stuff!” – Rachel

✎ “If I was cleverer I think would enjoy Ali Smith’s writing more. Not dissing myself, it is what it is! I read this book not quite following what was going on, not the first of her novels that I’ve been excited about reading and then along the way thought ‘argh, I don’t get it’.” – Suzy

Published 2015
Anchor Books
336 pages


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