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Fire Rush – Jacqueline Crooks

READ FOR WOMEN’S PRIZE ● Yamaye is a young Jamaican woman living in 1980s London. She dances at an underground dub reggae club and suffers daily from her lack of familial ties. Like her friends she does her best to avoid the harassment of… Continue Reading “Fire Rush – Jacqueline Crooks”

Trespasses – Louise Kennedy

READ FOR WOMEN’S PRIZE ● I had initially thought that this novel was a gentle exploration of the challenges of a romance between a Catholic woman and a Protestant man during the Troubles, however three-quarters of the way through things took a decidedly different turn… Continue Reading “Trespasses – Louise Kennedy”

The Marriage Portrait – Maggie O’Farrell

READ FOR WOMEN’S PRIZE ● The Marriage Portrait begins as such: In 1560, fifteen-year-old Lucrezia di Cosimo de Medici left Florence to begin her married life with Alfonso II d’Este, Duke of Ferrara. Less than a year later, she would be dead. The official cause… Continue Reading “The Marriage Portrait – Maggie O’Farrell”

Pod – Laline Paull

READ FOR WOMEN’S PRIZE ● This was a beautifully written book, however I had an absolute love-hate relationship with it. I was completely enthralled with the story of Ea, a Longi dolphin, and her interactions with many other sea creatures. It was no great… Continue Reading “Pod – Laline Paull”