To Rise Again At A Decent Hour – Joshua Harris

To Rise Again At A Decent Hour cover - CopyREAD FOR BOOKERTHON

A New York dentist has his identity stolen via social media, and discovers the online Paul may be a better version of himself.

✎ “This is one of two American novels shortlisted, now that writers from the US are eligible for the award. I don’t read a lot of US fiction, and as I feared, I didn’t understand this one. The plot was mildly interesting but for a book that has been compared to one my of my all time favourites, Catch-22, it didn’t raise a single smile from me. It kind of jumps between ineffective satire and pie-in-the-face humour and … I just didn’t get it. ” – Rachel

✎ “I felt like I read this book with a fixed & determined grin awaiting the moment where the genuine funnies would start. It was promoted as being hilarious and perhaps my expectations were too high. Yes it was enjoyable and an interesting enough story, but for me it was a lowlight of the Man Booker reads this year.” – Suzy

Published 2015
Back Bay Books
352 pages

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