The Shadow Of The Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

shadow of the windREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Jo

Set in post-war Barcelona, in this suspense novel a young boy choses a book from the Cemetery of Forgotten books and must protect it for life.

✎ “This book started with a bang with the main character Daniel visiting a place of pure fantasy and I can still see the place where Julian Carax’s book was hidden: ‘the cemetery of forgotten books’.  This novel is densely plot driven, the characters are likeable and the prose is beautiful if a little melodramatic at times.  I loved this exciting gothic tale, it has everything – mystery, love, death, skullduggery, curses, evil policeman … the list goes on. It has its faults, e.g. revealing the mystery in a letter all in one go, but I didn’t want to put it down and I loved it anyway.” – Jo

✎ “The imagery of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books in the opening setting is a book lover’s dream and a sure bet you’ll want to read on. Tick. Plus, the main character Daniel Sempere is quite spellbinding. Tick, tick. However, for me, the plot quickly became contrived and overdone and I ended up being underwhelmed by this book.” – Rachel

Published 2001
Planeta (Spain)
525 pages

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