The Turn Of The Screw – Henry James

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Chosen by Rachel

A gothic ghost story from 1898 set around an old English house and the governess who comes to take care of the motherless children.

✎ “Spine-chilling and riveting from the outset. There were so many possible outcomes and I liked that a couple still remained after the last page. The characters are either ethereal or arresting, or sometimes both just to confuse you, but whatever the case, they are so perfectly written they evoke a real sense of the ghost story. A wonderful book to discuss. I want to read it again immediately!” – Rachel*

✎ “I love the mysterious ambiguity of this novel – is there an evil presence getting closer and closer (figure in the tower, face at the window, ghosts by the lake)? Or is our lovely governess losing her mind? The characters are distinct and the story is eerie and disturbing … although I needed to read this slowly and carefully I want to read it again. An impressive piece of literature.” – Jo

Published 1898
William Heinemann
78 pages

*In May 2015 Jo and I went to see A Turn Of The Screw on stage and it was just as fabulous as the book, invoking a few more discussions about the whys and hows of the plot. What’s more it was held in the (apparently) haunted Theatre Royal in Nelson. I was on the lookout for an additional cast member but thankfully did not see one!! – Rachel

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