The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami


Chosen by Rachel

This seemingly simple story of a man whose cat runs away is anything but. Multiple mysteries develop, doppelgangers appear and journeys are taken in this epic novel which fits into the magical-realism genre.

❖ “I couldn’t wait to re-read and share this, my #1 favourite book. I was nervous too, knowing how much of an emotional journey this is, worried the others would not love it as much as I did. But after page 1 I had settled into it, like a comfy old chair and I got lost in Murakami’s genius.

“The dopplegangers, which I did not pick up on on my first read, were especially enjoyable to analyse on my second reading. I think this is a book which would keep on giving on subsequent readings. I am already looking forward to the time when I read Wind-Up Bird for a third time.

“This is an indescribable masterpiece and one I would recommend to anyone and everyone. It may have seemingly limitless depth but it’s simplistic writing style makes it is accessible to everyone.

“During my second reading I also appreciated the work of translator Jay Rubin further. To have translated this epic tome without losing the mystique nor simplicity, makes him almost the co-author.” – Rachel


❖ “This was the first book of Murikami’s that I’ve read. It was confusing and our bookclub analysis afterwards cleared up a lot of my questions.  Murikami has a unique way of writing with characters having two selves and the existence of a parallel world. A complex story written in an easy to read way. Totally fabulous despite the heinous skinning description!” – Jo


Published 1994 by Shinschosha (Japan)
Translated into English in 1997
607 pages

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