White Noise – Don DeLillo


Chosen by Sophia

A satirical post-modern story in which Jack Gladney, his fourth wife Babette and his four children  endure an ‘airborne toxic event’ after an industrial accident. 

☁ “Thoughts” – Sophia

☁ “Thoughts” – Suzy

☁ “Thoughts” – Jo

☁ “This is the kind of book I do like to read but do not read enough, because I don’t *know* American fiction well enough. It’s full of excessive American consumerism, conspiracies and family woes in a tone that almost normalises fear and disasters. Every sentence has a depth of meaning – even the title is perfect, relaying the everything but the nothingness that is poignant to people living in fear. Despite its seriousness, it is actually a funny, silly old read. Recommend it to all conspiracy theroists.” – Rachel

Published 1985
326 pages

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