Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

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Chosen by Suzy

In this 1884 classic, a young boy named Huck sets off down the Mississippi River on a raft in search of freedom and adventure. 

☁ “Thoughts” – Suzy

☁ “Thoughts” – Sophia

☁ “Thoughts” – Jo

☁ “Before this bookclub meet, my last reading of Huck Finn was as a child and left only happy memories. With this re-read all that stood out to me was the blatant racism! So I was pleased to learn Twain was highlighting an issue of the time, not expressing his own thoughts, and I was then able to appreciate the mix of humour and seriousness, and able to reconnect with the story.” – Rachel

Published 1884
Chatto & Windus
366 pages

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