The Sea, The Sea – Iris Murdoch

the sea the seaREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Suzy

Charles Arrowby retires to the seaside to write his memoirs but is constantly under visitation by ex-lovers and friends. 

☁ “Charles Arrowby is the ultimate anti-hero and one of my favourite literary characters for how well he has been brought to life. I loved him and despised him and worried about him; he made everything strange, but normal too. Absolutely loved the moodiness of the setting, the tower on the cliffs and the turbulent sea, which was injected with so much life, it was a character in itself. The story line is turbulent too, and Arrowby’s ability to manipulate everyone, including the reader, is thrilling. It is a perfect book.” – Rachel

☁ “Thoughts” – Suzy

☁ “Thoughts” – Jo

Published 1978
Chatto & Windus
502 pages


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