2009 – End Of Year Thoughts

5e3d73f725a0bd290475b53b62bc0f7a.pad-ffffff.558x353We were back at our old favourite Stoneridge this year for Sunday lunch and agreed it had been a diverse year as far as bookclub reading goes.

One thing was for certain though, Xas was loved and adored by us all. There were a few other characters who struck chords with us too, the sweet Anne of Green Gables and Frankie from The 10pm Question.

Book of the year:
Nadine: The Vintner’s Luck
Jo: ????
Suzy: The Vintner’s Luck
Rachel: The Vintner’s Luck

Runner up:
Nadine: The 10pm Question
Jo: ????
Suzy: The 10pm Question
Rachel: Oooooo…!!

Most memorable scene:
Nadine: The imagery in The Vintner’s Luck
Jo: ????
Suzy: ???
Rachel: When Lucifer cuts off Xas’s wings in The Vintner’s Luck

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