The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

Wind up bird


Chosen by Rachel

This seemingly simple story of a man whose cat runs away is anything but. Mysteries, doppelgangers and journeys are taken in this magical-realism masterpiece..

“OMG! This is such an unexpected story, with unexpected characters, and unexpected meaning behind every word. There is so much to say about this epic tome, so why is it so hard to explain: A man looking for his missing cat loses his wife and searches for them both in a suburban well.. See what I mean?!

“There is a diverse cast of characters, exciting metaphors that gear the brain into overload, a simple plot line that branches off into myriad other directions, plus some educational information about Japanese history, too.

“The book’s simplistic style belies its depth, both thematically and in regards to his characters. It’s magical realism genre may be an initial put off to some, but it is expertly done so that strange phenomena are easily accepted by even the most cynical mind. It’s important to look beyond the strangeness and observe the commentary on social history that lies beneath.

“I was totally captivated by the fearless and visionary style of Wind-Up Bird, so much so it immediately rose to my number one favourite book of all time.” – Rachel

“The only word that describes this book is ‘weird’. But definitely in a good way! The story line drew me in and held my interest, even though there were parts I didn’t understand.” – Nadine

“Don’t read my comments.  Anything I have to say will be done so with far more eloquence and insight by Rachel.  A superb introduction into the world of Murakami.  Meticulously researched by Rachel for our bookclub that night and I still remember her revelation that “MAY KASAHARA IS US!!!”.  A book club highlight.” – Suzy

Published 1997
Shinschosha (Japan)
607 pages

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