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The Story Of A New Zealand River – Jane Mander

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel Alice Roland and her children join her colonial husband to live in isolation in Pukekaroro, a settlement on a NZ river abutting a native kauri forest. ➤ “In creating The Story Of A NZ River, Jane Mander has plucked a… Continue Reading “The Story Of A New Zealand River – Jane Mander”

The Godwits Fly – Robin Hyde

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jo The Godwits Fly vividly evokes the complexities of family life and the intensely felt world of a single-minded young woman in Wellington in the 1920s. ➤  “Using stream-of-consciousness and autobiographical features, this novel is the story of the… Continue Reading “The Godwits Fly – Robin Hyde”

Infinite Air – Fiona Kidman

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Sonya A novel about the enigmatic Jean Batten – New Zealand’s, and one of the world’s, greatest aviators ➤ “I was quite excited by the idea of The Infinite Air. I have heard a lot about author Fiona Kidman,… Continue Reading “Infinite Air – Fiona Kidman”

Rich Man Road – Ann Glamuzina

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Becks Two nuns recount their immigration to New Zealand: Olga from her war-torn Dalmatian village and Pualele from Samoa via an illegal family adoption. ➤ “There was something about Rich Man Road that had me captivated early on. Perhaps… Continue Reading “Rich Man Road – Ann Glamuzina”

Wake – Elizabeth Knox

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jo One sunny spring morning the Tasman Bay settlement of Kahukura is overwhelmed by a mysterious mass insanity. A handful of survivors find themselves cut off from the world, and surrounded by the dead. ➤ “The horror scenes at… Continue Reading “Wake – Elizabeth Knox”

The Scarecrow – Hugh Morrieson

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel Neddy Poindexter worries about his pretty sister Prudence when it’s discovered there’s a killer on the loose. Part adventure, part small-town comedy and part horrifying thriller, The Scarecrow is classic Kiwi lit noir. The same week our fowls… Continue Reading “The Scarecrow – Hugh Morrieson”

A Villa At The Edge Of The Empire – Fiona Farrell

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS A book which examines the evolution of cities and of Christchurch in particular after its destructive earthquakes. ➤ “Prior to reading I thought this would be an important book to Cantabrians, but now I see this is a book relevant to… Continue Reading “A Villa At The Edge Of The Empire – Fiona Farrell”

Chappy – Patricia Grace

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS “Family secrets are unravelled in this book about a Japanese man and his Maori wife, set during WWII in rural Aotearoa.” ➤ “Uprooted from his privileged European life and sent to New Zealand to find direction in his life,… Continue Reading “Chappy – Patricia Grace”

The Back Of His Head – Patrick Evans

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS Trustees overseeing the estate of Kiwi Nobel laureate Raymond Lawrence discover more than they wanted to know while struggling to keep his affairs in order. ➤ “When I read the blurb for The Back of His Head by Patrick Evans I… Continue Reading “The Back Of His Head – Patrick Evans”

In A Fishbone Church – Catherine Chidgey

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Sonya Three generations of the Stilton family are affected by the truths in one man’s diaries of the 1950s.  ➤ “In a Fishbone Church was an extremely clever, thoughtful read. It felt real and believable in the sense it was a… Continue Reading “In A Fishbone Church – Catherine Chidgey”