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Oooooo…!!! – Hone Tuwhare

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel A collection of Hone Tuwhare’s poetry ❚ “This book has been collated from a large collection of Maori poet Hone Tuwhare’s writing, discovered sprawled over countless pieces of paper, envelopes, bank statements and the backs of shopping lists.… Continue Reading “Oooooo…!!! – Hone Tuwhare”

Summertime – J M Coetzee

READ FOR BOOKERTHON This fictionalised memoir details the life of John Coetzee from the perspective of five people who have known him.  ❚ “In this book, a fictional young English biographer is researching a book about the late South African writer John Coetzee. The… Continue Reading “Summertime – J M Coetzee”

The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters

READ FOR BOOKERTHON A post-war ghost story set in a dilapidated mansion with an old gentry family of declining fortunes ❚ “The Little Stranger is a ghost story set in a dilapidated mansion in Warwickshire, England in the 1940s. It features a country doctor… Continue Reading “The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters”

The Glass Room – Simon Mawer

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Set during WWII, every new inhabitant of the featured house falls under the spell of the glass room at its centre ❚ “Based on a real villa in Czechoslovakia, the house in this book is a minimalist masterpiece, with a transparent… Continue Reading “The Glass Room – Simon Mawer”

Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel

READ FOR BOOKERTHON A fictionalised biography documenting the rapid rise to power of Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII. ❚ “Wolf Hall is primarily about Thomas Cromwell who in real life was a disliked man who worked for King Henry. He orchestrated… Continue Reading “Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel”

The Quickening Maze – Adam Foulds

READ FOR BOOKERTHON The true story of poet John Clare’s incarceration in London’s Epping Forest ❚ “This book is based on the historical backdrop of a mental asylum run by Matthew Allen at High Beach in the late 1830s and 1840s, which was run… Continue Reading “The Quickening Maze – Adam Foulds”

The Children’s Book – A S Byatt

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Loosely based on the life of E Nesbit, The Children’s Book follows the lives of several inter-related families from 1895 through WWI. ❚ “The Wellwood family consists of Olive, Humphrey, Olive’s sister Violet, and many children. They are Fabians, living in… Continue Reading “The Children’s Book – A S Byatt”

The Potato Factory – Bryce Courtenay

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jo A fictionalised historical novel about career criminal Ikey Solomon and his transportation to Van Diemen’s Land ❚ “Set in the early 19th century, The Potato Factory explores the lives of London’s thieves, con men, prostitutes, street urchins and lowlife… Continue Reading “The Potato Factory – Bryce Courtenay”

The Outcast – Sadie Jones

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel The Outcast tells the story of a man, recently released from prison, recalling his life as a boy who refused to accept the polite lies of a tightly knit community ❚ “In 1957 19-year-old Lewis Aldridge returns home… Continue Reading “The Outcast – Sadie Jones”

Anne of Green Gables – L M Montgomery

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Suzy A coming-of-age novel about a talkative orphan called Anne Shirley who is sent to a farm in Avonlea ❚ “Siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert plan to adopt a young boy to help out on the family farm, Green… Continue Reading “Anne of Green Gables – L M Montgomery”