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The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Balram Halwai is a servant, a philosopher, an entrepreneur, a murderer. Over seven nights he explains how he became a success in life, having nothing but his own wits to help him along. ♥ “Born in the dark heart of India,… Continue Reading “The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga”

The Clothes On Their Backs – Linda Grant

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Vivien Kovacs is on a search to reveal the truth to the secrets kept from her by her timid Hungarian refugee parents ♥ “Two Jewish brothers are at the heart of this novel. One escapes Hungary prior to the war, marries… Continue Reading “The Clothes On Their Backs – Linda Grant”

Sea of Poppies – Amitav Ghosh

READ FOR BOOKERTHON A sailing ship full of emigrants, prisoners, labourers and enchanting personalities departs India in 1838. ♥ “Set in 1838, at a time of colonial upheaveal and shortly before the outbreak of the Opium Wars in China, Sea Of Poppies tells the… Continue Reading “Sea of Poppies – Amitav Ghosh”

A Fraction Of The Whole – Steve Toltz

READ FOR BOOKERTHON From his prison cell, Jasper Dean tells the unlikely story of how he, his scheming father Martin and his crazy Uncle Terry upset an entire continent ♥ “For most of his life, Jasper Dean couldn’t decide whether to pity, hate, love,… Continue Reading “A Fraction Of The Whole – Steve Toltz”

The God Of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Nadine This novel discusses who should be loved, and how. And how much. It describes how small things affect people’s behaviour and lives ♥ “The God of Small Things details the lives of fraternal twins Rahel and her brother… Continue Reading “The God Of Small Things – Arundhati Roy”

The Child In Time – Ian McEwan

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Nadine In a dystopian future a child is snatched during a routine supermarket visit. ♥ “Stephen Lewis takes his three year old daughter to the supermarket one morning. He turns is back for just moments and she is gone.… Continue Reading “The Child In Time – Ian McEwan”

Back Booker 2001

Bookerthons are proving so much fun we’ve decided to back track, and maybe one day be able to say we’ve completed a Bookerthon for every year it’s been awarded. We begin with 2001 – perhaps only for the opportunity to read Atonement again! But… Continue Reading “Back Booker 2001”

Disgrace – J M Coetzee

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel A South African professor loses everything and takes refuge on his daughter’s farm on the Eastern Cape as he seeks redemption.  ♥ “David Lurie is a disgraced professor who leaves behind his university and city life in Capetown… Continue Reading “Disgrace – J M Coetzee”

2007 Bookerthon

We thoroughly enjoyed our first Bookerthon, and feel privileged to have read six of the best books of the year one after another. We are pleased to see a Kiwi amongst the contenders, as well as Ian McEwan, whom we both adore. In picking our winners,… Continue Reading “2007 Bookerthon”

On Chesil Beach – Ian McEwan

READ FOR BOOKERTHON In this novella a newly married couple reflect on their pasts and as a result question their marriage while honeymooning on Chesil Beach. ⚈ “The opening line of On Chesil Beach sums up the rest of the content: ‘They were young, educated,… Continue Reading “On Chesil Beach – Ian McEwan”