Category: Kiwi lit

Where We Once Belonged – Sia Figel

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Suzy This Commonwealth Prize winner follows the traditional Samoan storytelling form of su’ifefiloi (linked vignettes) as it tells the coming-of-age story of 13-year-old Alofa Filiga. ✔ “Oooh spooky, when I started typing this up Sia’s Chandelier came up on Spotify. … Continue Reading “Where We Once Belonged – Sia Figel”

The Vintner’s Luck – Elizabeth Knox

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Nadine The unorthodox story of a French winemaker and his homosexual love affair with an angel.  ❚ “This is not just a phenomenal love story, it is a beautiful work of art, totally outside of the square and completely riveting. Despite it’s far-fetched plot, it… Continue Reading “The Vintner’s Luck – Elizabeth Knox”

The Sound of Butterflies – Rachael King

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel Young lepidopterist Thomas Edgar arrives home from a collecting expedition in the Amazon in an emaciated state and unable to speak. ♥ “A sensory book in which every person, action and location is well captured. A fascinating setting and exciting string of… Continue Reading “The Sound of Butterflies – Rachael King”

The Bone People – Keri Hulme

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Suzy A New Zealand book which won the Man Booker Prize in 1985. It is an unusual love story, depicting a utopian unity between Maori and Western culture. ⚈ “I felt uncomfortable for most of the time I was reading… Continue Reading “The Bone People – Keri Hulme”