The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

Chosen by Rachel

A class of women, known as handmaids, are kept for reproductive purposes in a reality radically overturned by a theocratic revolution.

◉ “This read was a return to one of my all time favourite books. I wondered would it be as good as the first time, but at this time, with world events what they are, a re-read provided a new perspective. What continues to impress me is Atwood’s ability to combine reality as we know it with acute perceptions of the ever-changing world into a prophecy type writing style. The masterful character and setting construction provides relatable characters whom I cared about deeply from the outset and a place that seems far from fictitious. This is a life-changing book that should act as a warning to all those who worry about humanity and the consequences of nationalised power struggles. But, not only is it important it is also unputdownable, totally riveting and a work of fiction of the highest order. As such I think it should be compulsory reading.” – Rachel

◉ “I couldn’t put this book down – I read it in a day practically. It starts with what I thought was an improbable feminist nightmare which Atwood convincingly persuaded me to believe – fear and mistrust allow the characters to be under the control of mysterious fanatics. This novel is a disturbing tale of terror that gripped me from the start until the end. It’s scary and Atwood’s unnerving ability for prophecy will infect your mind. I still think about this book and I feel regret that I can’t relive reading it fresh again. She’s amazing and I totally loved it.” – Jo

Published 1985
McClelland and Stewart
311 pages

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