The Buried Giant – Kazuo Ishiguro

the-buried-giantREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Sophia

An elderly couple moves across an unrecognisable Britain in search for their son and fearing the mist that makes them forget. 

❍ “The Buried Giant is a strange and beautiful addition to the Fantasy/ Arthurian canon. The story is deceptively vague and sparse to the point of seeming to be unformed, however the story culminates into a pertinent and quite breathtaking allegory.” – Sophia

❍ “This book is shrouded in a mysterious forgetful fog, the tension is gentle but persistent as Beatrice and Axl’s relationship undergoes a big test.  I loved the fantasy of the fairytale creatures and the reference to historical figures. This book is heavy with symbolism and the meaning of some of the interactions and pieces of this story escaped me.  An enjoyable easy read.” – Jo

❍ “This was one of my favourite reads, which surprised me a little (I have a strong aversion to pixies, fiends and ogres!).  I found myself drawn in by the characters and the layers of hidden meaning behind events and descriptions.  The mystery of quirky incidences, and “a-hah” moments, as their meaning became revealed, was cleverly crafted, and the main story line held me to the end.  My only frustration was that I am certain a lot went over my head – I would (as always!) love to have read this with more time and consideration.” – Sonya

❍ “What astounds me about Ishiguro is how he continually finds new ways to explore the themes of loss and memory, and The Buried Giant does not disappoint. Despite being a little reluctant initially due to the mythological features apparent from the first page, my fears were quickly allayed. Combined with the fantastical and historical references is a wonderful story of intrigue and human nature, and together they are a beautiful combination.” – Rachel

Published 2015
Knopf Doubleday
314 pages

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