The Colour Of Water – James McBride

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Chosen by Sonya

The memoir of a white woman by her black son. The book details Ruth’s difficult childhood but her ability to turn things around for her own children.

❍ “The Colour of Water was a great read, and I was moved by James’ account of his childhood and his mother’s life. Ruth was indeed an incredible woman! I doubt I would have the strength and tenacity to overcome the challenges she faced. I was most fascinated by the Jewish-Christian threads in the story, and in the way Ruth navigated the apparent chaos to succeed in raising 12 well-educated, multi-racial children. Kind of mind-blowing actually. Humbling.” – Sonya

❍ “I loved The Colour of Water for being so heart-achingly vivid, and for the way the memoir was so eloquently structured as if memories and recollections were bubbling up.” – Sophia

❍ “A moving tribute from a son to his mother. The pieces of James memories come together to give an often heart-breaking account of his mother’s life as well as his grandmother’s. I was left wanting to know more but the nature of an autobiography is that there will be gaps – this adds to the book’s appeal for me though. Ruth is an amazing woman and I thought this was a great story which had me fully immersed. I haven’t read a book this quickly for years! Thoroughly enjoyable.” – Jo

❍ “Ruth was an amazing women, who was willing to sacrifice everything for her husband and her 12 children. It’s easy to see why her son considered her worthy of a memoir. A touching story.” – Rachel


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