The Picture Of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

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Chosen by Rachel

An 1891 philosophical novel where the portrait of Dorian Gray ages instead of the man himself.

❍ “Talk about the book with a thousand morals – this is it. With impressive characterisation in a minimum of words, Wilde had produced a cast of characters that cross the spectrum of humanness, and who befriend and shock you in equal measure. There is so much to think about here: the purpose of art, the superficiality of society, the secrecy of homosexuality and then to learn about the aestethicisim movement … this book is a life changer.” – Rachel

❍ “The prose is beautiful if sometimes hard to follow (for me anyway!) in this incredible study of hedonism, vanity and selfishness.  Dorian’s character deteriorates rapidly and the terrible consequences of the trading of his soul is revealed at the horrifying end. Interestingly this book served as evidence against Oscar Wilde during his trials as it contains homosexual references and themes.  There is an obvious disdain for women throughout which can be tedious however the witty exchanges between the characters more than makes up for this.  A moral tale that I would love to re-read again and again – if only to be able to remember more of his quotable quotes!” – Jo

Published 1891
Ward, Lock & Company
176 pages

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