2014 – End Of Year Thoughts


NZ’s literary world was thrown into the headlines this year with the war of words between one of our most recognised authors Eleanor Catton and Prime Minister John Key.

Catton slung about superlatives announcing the Government’s lack of culture; Key said The Luminaries was “pretty good” but he’d “read better”.

And on it went. Like an extravagant, character-driven plot in a quickly hashed out novel. Support characters jumped on board, over-analysing the comments in social media, and hack journalists half reported the comments of each, inciting further debate.

The two antagonists walked away mainly unscathed, though NZ’s international reputation slumped a little with the dagger in it’s side. 😦

As well as this blockbuster, there was a lot of drama in the books we’ve read and reviewed this year. For a start, like NZ, there were many beautiful and memorable settings: the cemetery of forgotten books in The Shadow of the Wind; the English manor in Howard’s End, the lake house in Crossing to Safety, the convent in Holy Days, the old house, Bly, in The Turn Of The Screw.

And like Catton and Key, many brilliant, intelligent and controversial characters graced the pages of our reading this year, too.

Off to Ford’s Restaurant we went, to enjoy dinner and drinks and discuss this all in depth.

Book of the year:
Rachel: Crossing To Safety
Jo: The Shadow Of The Wind
Suzy: Under The Mountain
Sophia: Crossing to Safety

Runner up:
Rachel: The Turn Of The Screw
Jo: Holy Days
Suzy: The Turn of The Screw
Sophia: Howards End

Best character:
Rachel: Charity Lang from Crossing To Safety
Jo: Daniel Sempere from The Shadow Of The Wind
Suzy: Brian from Holy Days
Sophia: Helen Schlegel from Howards End

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