Flowers In The Attic – Virginia Andrews

flowersintheatticREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Suzy

Four children are locked in an attic for years by their mother so she may inherit her father’s wealth.

❖ “I can’t believe I put everyone through reading this book.  LADIES, I APOLOGISE. I chose it for bookclub as a throwback to high school where we all loved it.  Re-reading it as an adult I can only say this book is really quite horrible.  There are 3 other books that follow on from it, and having read the synopsis of those I can assure people that things don’t get better.  We were so starved as teenagers for information about sex that we coveted a book about incest and abuse?? Bloody hell.” – Suzy

❖ “!!! I need to use a few expletives here! I read this as a teenager and thought it was great. But re-reading at this stage of my life, I struggle to think how anyone could stomach this story. It is horrific! In saying that, I read to the very end and then googled the plot for the sequel! What is it with this book that is so grotesquely appealing?!” – Rachel


Published 1979
Simon & Schuster
400 pages

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