Tropic of Cancer – Henry Miller


Chosen by Rachel

The 1934 story of the self-named protagonist living in Paris as a struggling writer. The book was widely banned for its explicit sexual content.

© “It’s not the sexual content that’s offensive in this book, it’s the author’s narcissistic attitude to life and his meandering tornado of destruction that affects everyone he meets, himself included. Usually I love an anti-hero, to dislike someone so shows the effectiveness of the book, but I could not like Henry Miller the character, because it was disturbing to know his story was based on the actual Henry Miller’s life. Glad to say I have read Tropic Of Cancer, but really, there was nothing nice to take from it.” – Rachel

© “And I thought” – Sophia

© “And from me” – Suzy

© “This book” – Jo


Published 1934
Obelisk Press
318 pages

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