The Pregnant Widow – Martin Amis

Pregnant_Widow_by_Martin_AmisREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Rachel

This comic, literary romp is set during a hot 1970s summer in Italy, where several young adults are unknowingly embroiled in the onslaught of the sexual revolution. 

✔ “This book has a pastoral Italian castle, a hot dry summer, beautiful young people draped around the pool smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, discussing literature and undertaking sexual encounters freely, ie a sensual and decadent setting with fervent, hot-blooded characters – of course it’s going to be a page-turner! I was immediately drawn into the story, loved reading about the exploits of all and listening to their discussions. I didn’t want it to end!” – Rachel

✔ “Thoughts” – Suzy

✔ “Thoughts” – Jo

✔ “Thoughts” – Sophia


Published 2011
480 pages

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