Snowdrops – A D Miller


British lawyer Nick is seduced by the dangerous Masha while working in Moscow and ends up finding himself buried in secrets.

✔ Nicholas is a single, 38 year old British lawyer working for banks lending money to Russian corporations. His time in Moscow is full of luxuries and excesses.

With no intention of becoming attached to anyone, he meets by chance the alluring Marsha and is besotted. However, Marsha’s glamour and bewitching nature belie the secrets and the danger that surrounds her. She encapsulates what we have come to know of 1990s Russia : corruption, sleaze and desperation. And corpses.

That’s what I learned when my last Russian winter thawed. The lesson wasn’t about Russia. It never is, I don’t think, when a relationship ends. It isn’t your lover that you learn about. You learn about yourself.

Snowdrops a psychological drama that blends two people’s contrasting worlds with such pace and energy that they soon appear as one big muddle.The snowy setting provides great atmospheric scene setting for drudgery and hidden secrets, ‘snowdrop’ being Moscow slang for a corpse hidden by snow, revealed only when the ice melts.

This is a love story and a crime story, and we couldn’t help but be pulled into the wonderfulness and the despair. Rachel called it “a really satisfying read”, Suzy rated it highly, calling it “spellbinding”.

Published 2011
Atlantic Books
288 pages

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