Nineteen Eighty Four – George Orwell


Chosen by Jo

A dystopian novel set in Airstrip One which is in a state of perpetual war and where free thought is considered a thought crime. The tyranny is epitomised by the all-seeing Big Brother, the English Socialism party leader. 

☁ “Thoughts” – Jo

☁ “One of my favourite books of all time, one I learn more from and continue to enjoy with every reading. I like dystopian novels but most are ruined for me when the compare unfavourably to Nineteen Eighty Four. Having read this first as a teenager and having re-read it a number of times since, I feel like I’ve grown up with this book, and every part of it, the locations, the characters, the emotional journey, are etched on my mind.” – Rachel

☁ “Thoughts,” – Sophia

☁ “Thoughts,” – Suzy


Published 1949
Secker & Warburg
267 pages

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