The Glass Room – Simon Mawer


Based on a real villa in Czechoslovakia, the house in this book is a minimalist masterpiece, with a transparent glass room as its center. Set during WWII, every new inhabitant of the house falls under the spell of the glass room.

❚ “Interesting in the way this story is told with the house being a character so that the plot is seen through the ‘eyes’ of the glass room – all of the major events of the story happen in the house.  I loved the characters and the relationships which were expertly embedded in a historical framework.  Very enjoyable.” – Jo

❚ “The Glass Room was riveting in so many ways – the architecture, the characters and their relationships, the war as a setting. I did not want to put this book down but at the same time did not want it to finish!” – Rachel

❚ “And from me” – Suzy

Published 2009
Other Press
406 pages

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