The Children’s Book – A S Byatt


The Children’s Book follows the lives of several inter-related families, adults and children, from 1895 through WWI. Loosely based upon the life of children’s writer E Nesbit, there are many adventures and secrets revealed. 

❚ “This is an epic read, and there is so much packed into it. Fantastic characters, damning relationships based on fact, beautiful sensory locations and a bit of a war story. Highly detailed so as to instill the plot lines into your mind like a memory. I can still see so much of this story behind my eyes and think about it often.” – Rachel

❚ “xxxx” – Suzy

❚ “Long winded and complex with way too much descriptive narrative.  The alarmingly large number of characters made the story hard to follow at times.  It was a blur and although I enjoyed parts I would have great trouble finding motivation to re-read which I suspect is a necessary task for me to digest the story properly.” – Jo

Published 2009
Chatto & Windus
675 pages

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