The Child In Time – Ian McEwan

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Chosen by Nadine

The Child In Time is set in a dystopian future and details the consequences for a couple whose child is snatched during a routine supermarket visit.

♥ “Thoughts” – Nadine

♥ “Thoughts” – Suzy

♥ “A very difficult book to read for the searing possibilities of ‘what if’. But it is the haunting nature of it which makes it outstanding. I will never forget that line ‘she was a lovely daughter’ … This book made me cry, and though I loath being traumatised, I love being so emotionally affected by a novel. The dystopian future is constructed well, London is a city of unemotional, faceless crowds, and various wars are underway, but it is not too far-fetched so as to distract you from the real story, which is Stephen’s anguish over the abduction.” – Rachel

Published 1987
250 pages

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