Everything Under – Daisy Johnston


A reunited mother and daughter delve into their troubled past.

➽ “First things first: this book has a beautiful cover. All publishers should put in this much effort!

Everything Under is a debut novel by a 27-year-old Brit. Knowing this and seeing that cover, it’s hard not to be impressed without even reading a word!

“Delving into the text doesn’t disappoint. It has a complex web of relationships where gender lines are blurred but there is a clear focus on femininity. And family ties make or break people.

“With the main character named Gretel and various Opedial predictions it is clear that fairy tales and myth played a large role in creating this book. And as well as being clever in every regard, there is certainly a great tale too. Definitely worth reading.” – Rachel

The places we are born come back to us. They disguise themselves as words, memory loss, nightmares. They are the way we sometimes wake with a pressure on our chests that is animal-like or turn on a light and see someone we’d thought was long gone standing there looking at us.

➽ “I don’t think I have ever read a book where the reveal has been so massive and intense that I have had to put the book down and give myself a break from reading for a few minutes! The threading and weaving of the storylines all of a sudden came together and I was shocked.

“For a novel that dealt with some unusual and difficult themes there was also a very large dose of ordinariness and relatability. This book was clever, haunting, distracting, and deceptively simple.

“And yes I agree with Rach, the cover is absolutely beautiful.” – Suzy

Published 2018
Jonathan Cape
264 pages

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