Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote

Chosen by Sonya

The unnamed narrator writes of his experiences with Manhattan socialite Holly Golightly. A famous American Classic.

➽ “Breakfast At Tiffany’s was a fun, easy read. It had plenty of depth and character and I enjoyed dipping into post-war America and the the life of what other reviewers had described as “An American Geisha”.  I loved Holly Golightly, her character, her clothes!, her quirkiness and unapologetic lifestyle. Unfortunately, however, I have seen the movie more than once, and so I struggled to shake that adaptation, the characters and their portrayls from my mind. As such, it didn’t feel like an honest read on my behalf. I felt like I probably missed some of the metaphors, messages and meanings behind characters and events that you get when you read a book and absorb it in the way that is intended.” – Sonya

➽ “The American classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s remains a favourite of mine. Its depth despite its simplicity is a drawcard as is the construction of the enigmatic Holiday Golightly, a country girl turned New York cafe society girl and part time escort. Set during the post war sexual revolution it is highly readable, more so for the beautifully flawed protagonist. Her manner with men is appropriate for a person with her past and I enjoy the narrator’s relationship with her, like a standoffish friend who knows so much he almost knows nothing. I loved her cat-like nature, sidling up to people from whom she can see herself gaining advantages, and her unbreakable resolve. A wonderful book.” – Rachel

➽ “It’s hard for me to understand how Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic. It’s an interesting story and Holly Golightly is quite a piece of work however I was left thinking ‘is that it?’ A bit underwhelmed I’m afraid by this one.” – Jo

Published 1958
Random House
142 pages

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