2008 – End Of Year Thoughts

Boutereys+main+with+medal+copyAt the end of the year we again headed out for a meal to discuss the year’s readings. This time to Bouterey’s Restaurant. So engrossed were we in our literary discussions we did not notice the restauranteur performing the heimlich manoeuvre on a fellow diner and in fact did not realise anything was amiss until the ambulance arrived!

Again we discussed our favourite scenes, literary devices, characters and fictional love interests. Though we all agreed Lady Chatterley and Oliver Mellors certainly provided the most interesting romance.

Book of the year:
Rachel: Disgrace
Suzy: ????
Nadine: The Child In Time

Runner up:
Rachel: The Child In Time
Suzy: ???
Nadine: Middlesex

Favourite character:
Rachel: Cal from Middlesex
Suzy: ???
Nadine: Heath from Wuthering Heights

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