And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie

And then there were noneREAD FOR BOOKCLUB

Chosen by Suzy

Considered Agatha Christie’s masterpiece, this whodunnit is set on an island where the invitees of a party must work out who is killing off the guests.

♥ “An absolute classic of the genre! My Dad recommended this to me when I was a young teenager and now my own son is reading it. My favourite ‘whodunnit’ ever. I’ve read it a few times now and even though I know what’s coming up I still get the chills. This novel has two former titles that are terrible – you’ve been warned…” – Suzy

♥ “As the book says, Agatha Christie is the queen of mystery, and I certainly couldn’t work out exactly who was up to what. Nothing like going back to the original Mr Green-in-the-library-with-the-candlestick murder mystery. Loved it.” – Rachel

♥ “I’m a bit of an Agatha Christie  fan, so it was never going to disappoint.” – Nadine

Published 1939
Collins Crime Club
272 pages

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