Vernon God Little – DBC Pierre



Chosen by Rachel

A satirical novel that details the aftermath of a school yard shooting in America.

“Vernon Gregory Little is a 15-year-old who avoids being killed in a schoolyard shooting by being on the toilet. His best friend Jesus Navarro shoots 16 of his classmates before turning the gun on himself. In the wake of the tragedy, the townspeople seek both answers and vengeance. Because Vernon was the killer’s closest friend, he becomes the focus of their fury. Vernon finds himself  on the run, being charged with deaths of people across the country. 

“The book is an absurdly humorous look at the serious topic of  America’s history of mass shootings. The book tackles many aspects of modern American society, including consumer culture, the death penalty, the media casting tragedy as entertainment, plus the craving for fame some people have.

“Don’t be lookin’ up at no sky for help. Look down here, at us twisted dreamers”. He takes hold of my shoulders, spins me around, and punches me towards the mirror on the wall. “You’re the God. Take responsibility. Exercise your power.” 

“Startling satirical comments regarding a school yard mass murder was initially a difficult concept to grasp. War satire has been done to death (pun intended) but school shootings, at a time when they were leading the news, was another story. But once Vernon sucked me in, there was no going back and I had to hear his story, prepared to be entertained but also shocked. A powerful book that has stayed with me.” – Rachel

“I remember this was the very first novel our bookclub looked at.  I still remember Nadine’s insights too, picking up so much that I had missed!  A sad, angry, entertaining read.  Interesting author information too for Dirty But Clean Pierre.” – Suzy

“I really liked this book. For me it sparked my love of reading again. Yay! I enjoyed the dark humour and found it very refreshing.” – Nadine

Published 2003
Faber & Faber
288 pages

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